Organic cosmetic

Organic cosmetic

For 5 generations now, the Liardet family has shared their passion for medicinal and aromatic plants.

Since 2012, they have been involved in the manufacture of organic cosmetics by creating her laboratory.

Guillaume Liardet has designed a simple, effective cosmetic range without artifices, in the image of what nature offers us. He says, “Nature does simple things, let’s use them in a simple way”.

The priority is the choice of raw materials and ingredients, the least processed possible.
We wanted to create very simple products with few ingredients to fully benefit from the properties of plants.

You will find in this category, all our organic products, created and manufactured by Aroma'plantes: Creams, Duos Care, Vegetable Oils, Cologne, Macerates, ...


  • Perfumery

    It is a concentrated water, halfway between a cologne and a eau de toilette. The notes of Lavender and Lavandin intersect, while are added touches of citrus, Sage sclarée and Cedar wood in the background...
    Our cologne is labeled Slow-Cosmetique.

  • Vegetal oils

    Vegetable oils come from seeds, flowers, fruits of a plant or tree. Obtained by first cold pressing.

    They are moisturizing, nourishing, protective, seborregulating, antioxidants...

    The application is done directly on the skin, but also on the hair, the body, the nails...

    Each oil has its specificity and its different properties.

    We have selected certified vegetable oils in Organic Agriculture.

  • Macerates

    The macerates we propose are oily macerates. the essential elements of the plant pass into an oily support. Plants should be infused for several weeks in a vegetable oil to extract the active ingredients. Finally, we filter the mixture soaked with aromatic molecules.

    Each macerate will have a different action because each plant has its own properties.

    Our macerates are certified in Organic Agriculture, with the mention Nature and Progress.

  • Men care

    Products for men

  • My home made cosmetic

    All the ingredients necessary for the manufacture of home cosmetics

  • Face care
  • Body care
  • Hand care

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