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The best way to benefit from the effects of essential oils is through olfaction and diffusion.

We have created a range of essential oil compositions for diffusers.

Those who prefer to perfume their interiors by vaporization can make their choice in the range of ambience fragrances or night mists.

We have also selected a range of essential oil diffusers to suit every need.


  • Night mists

    These are mists to spray directly on the pillow or in the air before bedtime to improve your sleep.

  • Essential oils diffusers

    The diffusers can be used in different ways: to provide a feeling of well-being, to clean the air, to clear your lungs or for an aromatic touch in your home.
    We offer a range of diffusers with different options, by nebulization, by misting, by ventilation or on stone.

  • Essential oils mixes

    We have designed synergies to diffuse for your home, your room, your vehicle... to benefit from the properties of several plants in a single bottle or only for a fragrant ambient air.

  • Ambiance mists

    This is the version ready to spray of essential oils mixes. These ambience scents are an assembly of essential oils and alcohol that you can spray directly into the air, at home, at the office, in the car, ...

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