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Well-being, interior, diffusion accessories and products for the kitchen. All the Aroma'Plantes know-how for your home.

Find our products in relaxation, massage, household linen, herbs and organic plants.


  • Welfare

    We are a family and agricultural company, we grow on our 90 hectares of land, different varieties of plants to extract essential oils but we also keep a part of it that we dry to make infusions.

    We have also developed for your well-being, a range of massage products, relaxation accessories based on small spelt bale and cuddly water for your bath. You can complete it with different accessories.

  • Diffusion

    The best way to benefit from the effects of essential oils is through olfaction and diffusion.

    We have created a range of essential oil compositions for diffusers.

    Those who prefer to perfume their interiors by vaporization can make their choice in the range of ambience fragrances or night mists.

    We have also selected a range of essential oil diffusers to suit every need.

  • At Home

    For 5 generations now, the Liardet family has been cultivating Lavender and Lavandin. We have chosen to offer you confections filled with these flowers, in different colors and sizes.

    Based on our experience, we have also naturally developed laundry and household products.

  • Grocery

    We grow on our land more than 30 different kind of plants, such as small spelt, lentils or chickpeas. You will find in our online shop all the aromatic plants of Provence.

    You can also find sirop and hard candies made with our plants.

    Our cereals and aromatic plants are certified organic and labelised " nature et progrès".

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