Eau florale Lavande fine
  • Eau florale Lavande fine

Eau florale Lavande fine

Contenance: 1 litre

Fine Lavender


Origin : Aroma'plantes

Distilled part : flower


About the plant :

«Lavender is the soul of Haute Provence» according to Jean Giono. Since ancient times, this small blue flower is known for its purifying and calming properties. In the Romans it was used for perfumes, for linen or baths for its disinfectant virtues. In the 17th century, it was used to protect against contagious diseases in fumigation and by monks in the gardens of monasteries and herbalists. It comes from the Latin lavare which means washing, purifying and was also called the «plant of the brain» for its soothing and calming properties that treated seizures or hysteria.


At Arôma'plantes :

We use the fine Lavender hydrolate in our make up remover Duo Démaquillant.


For your information :

Here is a few properties of Fine Lavender hydrolate :

  • Lavender has a calming action.
  • It is recommended for irritated skin, acne, cuttings and will also make a good after shave.
  • It will treat small cuts, inflammation and pimples.
  • It has a refreshing effect that gives a fresh and healthy complexion.
  • Orally, it is indicated for tense people with joint and muscle pain.
  • Thanks to its analgesic power, it calms and relaxes the muscles.
  • Skin purifier, it will also purify the body.


All properties described here are from the bibliography and are provided for information purposes and should not be interpreted as medical prescriptions.


Arôma'plantes advice :

It is a perfect hydrolate, associated with Carotte sauvage hydrolate to perform a treatment for eczema or psoriasis.

Tip from the Arôma'plantes team.


Based on the bibliography :
L'hydrolathérapie, Lydia Bosson
Hydrosol mon ami, Nelly Grosjean
Les sites: Fermedesaussac


Safety precaution:

Product from organic farming certified by FR BIO 10 - Agriculture France

Floral water for food use

Therapeutic use of floral waters on medical advice.


Specific References


Eau florale Lavande fine


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